February 12, 2008

My other craft…crochet

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My mom and I are a true pair of opposites, which made my teen years very hard for both of us.  This opposite-ness extends to yarn.  My mom can knit with her eyes closed.  She makes lovely cable knit blankets for my children…huge big blankets that keep them warm each night.  Sweaters, hats, mittens…if it can be knitted, she can do it.  But when it comes to crochet, she throws up her talented hands and says “oh, no, all those loops, I just can’t keep track”.

I can’t knit.  I can’t do calculus either.  I took calc twice in college, flunked the first time, passed by about 2 points the next time.  Must be the same part of the brain for calculus and knitting.  On the other hand, I love to crochet.  The rhythm of it, the many different stitches and designs, the quickness of it. 

Here are some things I made for Christmas gifts (and to sell…some are still at my Etsy store 🙂 ):

Sets of crocheted bowls with ribbon accents…great for holding paper clips or candy

A scarf with a fun design on the ends:

For a Retro Femme stocking, I made this little bag.  It’s so cute and lined and has a simple vintage button closure.  Nobody bought it 😦 .  I’ll be listing it at Etsy.

And my latest fun crochet thing:  net grocery bags.  These are so fun to make and so useful!  This one is currenty listed at Retro Femme, and I’ve started another one in blue.

As always, thanks for looking! 


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  1. Your crochet bowls are really pretty! (I also tend to think that knitters are math people.)

    Comment by thekidneybean — February 12, 2008 @ 12:24 pm

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