February 14, 2008

Tonight’s Work in Progress

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It’s actually after midnight, so I should be saying “last night’s work”, but here it is regardless.

These items are all destined for Weeping Willows, one of the hyenacart congos I belong to.  We stock each Friday afternoon, but I only stock every-other Friday, because my other congo stocks on the other every-other Friday.  This week is WW.  I have four items planned.  I would like to have them all finished tomorrow, or rather later today, but that may be pushing it.   I do have a few other things to occupy my time.  Have I mentioned I have five children under 9 and I homeschool them?

First up and closest to being done is this Amy Butler Frenchy Bag with tweaks.  I changed a few things, the most obvious being flaring out the top panel and making the straps longer.  I like purses to hang from my shoulder, I need my hands for other things.  On the inside, I’ve made the dividers into pockets. 


Hmm, you can’t see the fabric on the outside of the bag.  Well, it involves circles and the colors brown and pink.  There’s a glimpse of it in the handles.  Stop by tomorrow and I’ll post a picture when it’s done.

Next is the beginnings of another grocery string-net bag, this one in a pretty blue cotton yarn.  I’m planning to make this one a wee bit bigger than the other one I showed.  I’m almost done with the increases and ready to start climbing the sides.

It might look a little small, but this stretches alot. 

Last, and farthest from being done and in fact so far from being done it’s not even cut out yet, is an apron and pot grabber set from this wonderful strutting chicken fabric.  I have this in blue, and now yellow.  It comes in green, too, which I’m sure will soon take up residence in my fabric stash.

Time for bed, so that I can get up in 6 hours and start a new day!


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  1. Looking good! I’ve never made a grocery bag, but they look like they do come in handy, since they scrunch up small, but can hold a lot of stuff.

    Comment by thekidneybean — February 14, 2008 @ 10:44 am

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