February 15, 2008

Best laid plans…

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As usual, I accomplished less than I hoped to.  Of the three projects I wanted to list at WeepingWillows today, only one made it.  This is not a surprise to me.  Life as a homeschooling mom of five under nine is rich in experiences like this.

Part of what derailed me yesterday was our neighborhood goose.  We live in a semi-rural area.  The closest neighbors have a goose, who wanders through our yard on the way to and from the pond nearby.  We rent and our landlord isn’t too keen on fencing our 1+ acre lot just to keep out a goose, so I spent quite a bit of time yesterday hustling the goose through the yard so my children could play outside.  The goose now starts to get very upset when he? sees me coming and I have taken to arming myself with the broom to avoid being bitten…again.

It turns out the some of my children have been accidently feeding the bird by leaving goldfish crackers “swimming” in our yard.  My husband had a firm discussion with the aforementioned children last night, as leaving food outside is not allowed, for just this reason. 

Our oldest son was one of the culprits and part of his reaping was having to clean goose poop off his shoe.  (Reaping comes from “you reap what you sow”)

Onto what I managed to get done:

I really like my version of the Amy Butler Frenchy Bag.  If this doesn’t sell, I’ll definitely use it myself.  But if I does, I have plenty of this fabric to make another one…so don’t worry about depriving me if you are thinking about purchasing it.  It’s listed at WeepingWillows.

Well, we have some errands to run and then I need to tidy up my sewing room.  I have four simple tank top-style long dresses to make for a friend from church that I want to get a good start on this weekend and I’ll need the full length of my cutting table for them.  Maybe I’ll even get it clean enough to take a few pics.


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