April 25, 2008

What a difference a day makes

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Yesterday at this time, I was laying on the couch, trying hard to not, well, throw up, and hoping that by some minor miracle, my husband would be able to come home early from work.  Neither wish came true, but somehow I lived through it, my wonderful daughters kept things together enough that no-one went hungry and today…well, today, I feel almost…good.

So I finally finished the second custom Coming & Going bag with the Joel Dewberry Sparrows.  All that I needed to do was finish the topstitching, add the snap and sew the turning opening closed, but all that was just NOT possible yesterday…or most of this week, for that matter.


Front on the left, back on the right.  If you look closely, you can see I managed to cut the fabric just so that I have one sparrow on the front, one on the back and one on the end…see him there?  peeking round on the end?

And a cute pocket with a divider for a cell phone:

We’re having a clearance sale over at Retro Femme tonight.  I’ve listed a few things and there are lots of things from the other stores, too.  If you love a bargain, so take a look!

Next up on the sewing list…a few odds and ends and then I need to take a day to reorganize my space, it’s getting too messy for me.  Then I have some dresses to sew from some lovely Alexander Henry fabrics and, of course, Retro Femme stocks next week!  Maybe I’ll put together another apron like the Katie Jump Rope half apron (see below), with a different set of fabrics.   I do need a name for that apron style…something retro, fun and simple…any thought??

Have a great weekend!!


April 23, 2008

Two skirts & an applique tee

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How’s that for a catchy title, eh?

I actually finished these over the weekend, but just got around to taking pictures today…and only now because my friend whose daughter they are for will be arriving soon to pick them up. 🙂

First, a lovely a-line skirt, with pleats at the waist and a gathered back, along with a rtw tee with a raw-edge applique.  The rose fabric is a lovely linen-y weight fabric.

Then a fun circle skirt from a piece of bright mod fabric from Ikea.  Knit waistband with elastic and bias tape hem.  It’s amazing to me that a circle skirt for someone who about a size 6 would end up being over 14 feet around the hem, but it’s true, I had to open a second package of bias tape to finish the hem…but still that was much easier than trying to do a double-turn hem on a circle skirt.

I am this close [ ] to finishing the second custom Sparrows bag.  I should have pictures tomorrow.  And my grand project for the weekend is the long promised tutorial for a reversible a-line toddler dress.  Unless the weather is really good, then I’ll be trimming grape vines!

April 18, 2008

Katie Jump Rope half apron

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I did it!  I managed to finish this apron.  I’ve been thinking about this one for quite a while.  I drafted the pattern myself, though I’m sure others have made very similar aprons.  It was a real fight to finish it in time for tonight’s Retro Femme stocking, but I did! and with 90 minutes to spare, lol!

I’m just so pleased at how this turned out.  It’s so much fun when something comes together just the way you hoped! 

Next up, the other Sparrows bag and finishing some items for my “local” sewing.  I hope to get a lot done tomorrow, since my husband will be home to help with the children.  All I need now is for my tummy to settle down…

UPDATE:  This lovely apron sold out in less than 10 seconds!  woohoo!! 🙂


April 17, 2008

The end is near??

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If history truly repeats itself, I only have 2 or 3 more weeks of feeling like a overcooked noodle with the tummy flu.  The good news is that we were able to hear the heartbeat at my visit with the midwife on Tuesday. In the rare moments that I feel a bit of energy and lessening of queasiness, I usually head straight to my sewing room, ignoring the piles of laundry and dishes. 

I have two custom orders for the coming & going bag, both with the Sparrows fabric from Joel Dewberry.  The first is done and in the mail:


The other one is started and should be done this weekend.  I’ve listed two more semi-custom slots for this bag at Beautiful Enchantments, which stocks at 2pm eastern on Friday.  There are other fabric choices available: Metro Blues and Katie Jump Rope.

Speaking of Katie, I’m (still) working on a patchy, retro apron with this fun prints.  If I can manage to be upright for a couple of hours tonight, I’ll list it at Retro Femme tomorrow.

Thanks to all 3 🙂 of you who still visit me and I hope to be up to full speed again soon!


April 7, 2008


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I’m still here!  I haven’t been sewing hardly at all for the last couple of weeks, but I did manage to crochet a lovely bag that I listed at RetroFemme last week:

As to the reason I’ve been under the weather and not sewing much, it’s nothing too surprising for us.  A pretty regular occurance around here.  We are expecting a new baby!, around the middle of November, if all goes as we hope and pray it will.  This makes baby number six for us and we are just as happy and excited as we were when our first was on the way.

Though I will say, I was a little more excited when I wasn’t suffering from round the clock “morning” sickness and then a bad cold on top of it! 

I do have sewing plans for this week.  A custom bag from the Joel Dewberry Sparrows line.  An apron from Katie Jump Rope.  A dress for my oldest daughter.   Listing a few more things at Etsy.  Hoping I can keep the saltine cracker crumbs off the fabric. 🙂

And a little giveaway on Thursday for my birthday.  Check back for more details tomorrow.



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