August 4, 2008

Getting Back to Business

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My break is over…and not only was it too short (aren’t vacations always too short?)…I didn’t accomplish half of what I wanted to.  Sigh.  At least I have another month before we start homeschooling and three months before the baby is born.  Maybe, just maybe, I can cross off a lot of projects from my sewing to-do list before our newest son makes his entrance.

In the meantime, I’ve listed a couple things at Beautiful Enchantments.   The Waldorf apron and a new tote I made today.  I’m really liking this tote…I will definitely be making other totes like this.


If I can, I’m going to make a little zipper pouch tomorrow, using some very cute Japanese hedgehog canvas and deep chocolate corduroy, with a turquoise ribbon trim.  Check back to see if I can get it done!

April 23, 2008

Two skirts & an applique tee

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How’s that for a catchy title, eh?

I actually finished these over the weekend, but just got around to taking pictures today…and only now because my friend whose daughter they are for will be arriving soon to pick them up. 🙂

First, a lovely a-line skirt, with pleats at the waist and a gathered back, along with a rtw tee with a raw-edge applique.  The rose fabric is a lovely linen-y weight fabric.

Then a fun circle skirt from a piece of bright mod fabric from Ikea.  Knit waistband with elastic and bias tape hem.  It’s amazing to me that a circle skirt for someone who about a size 6 would end up being over 14 feet around the hem, but it’s true, I had to open a second package of bias tape to finish the hem…but still that was much easier than trying to do a double-turn hem on a circle skirt.

I am this close [ ] to finishing the second custom Sparrows bag.  I should have pictures tomorrow.  And my grand project for the weekend is the long promised tutorial for a reversible a-line toddler dress.  Unless the weather is really good, then I’ll be trimming grape vines!

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