March 17, 2008

Someday…a buyer will come…

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My daughters were watching some princess or another movie yesterday…the one with the “some day my prince will come” song.  Was it Cinderella?  Anyway, my thought was “someday, my first etsy buyer will come”. 

In an effort to attract that buyer, I am focusing on getting more items stocked into my Etsy store this week.  My goal is two items a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Today I put up these two:


Tomorrow I will add two more from my backstock (what a nice way to say “things I made but haven’t sold yet”).  I might also make some more coasters and hairsticks.

Tonight, though, I’m going to try to finish a skirt for me I started yesterday.  It just needs the waistband and hem done.

I spent most of my day climbing Mt. Laundry.  With 7 people in our family, that mountain is ever present and my goal is simply to be on top of it rather than buried underneath.  Or as my dear hubby says:  as long as I have clean undies, all is good. 🙂


March 14, 2008

Friday’s Post

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What a title, eh??

The Rocketeer is home and set up.  I’m thinking I’ll call her Sally.  Here she is when we first got home yesterday:

I played around with the stitches and different feet last night for a bit.  She can do some neat things, but the best part is the sound she makes.  She really does purr.  The sound reminds me of when I was a little girl, listening to my mom sew my clothes on a machine just a few years newer than this one.  I still have that machine, it just needs a miracle…two different sewing techs have been unable to figure out it’s tension problems.

Here is what I did this morning with Sally.  We made coasters.  I found the pattern here…I’ve seen them before, but didn’t have the exact instructions.  But yesterday I saw a post at a new blog called Rainlight Designs and decided they would be a perfect first project for Sally. As you sew around the edge of the coaster, you are sewing through 6 layers of fabric.  Which was no trouble at all for Sally.

I whipped up 8 of these, 2 sets of 4, for the Weeping Willows stocking at 3 pm EDT today…which is noon my time and only about 2 hours after I got up!  My hubby is home from work today and is kindly watching the tribe and doing the dishes….what a guy!….while I sew.  I got them listed with about 10 minutes to spare, whew!

I also listed an apron at WW.  I’d listed this a few weeks ago, but it didn’t sell.  I decided it was too plain.  So I jazzed it up.  A little applique, a bright red pocket and red ric rac.  The red ric rac looked so good, I added some yellow.  Maybe it’s brightness will catch someone’s eye this time?



Better, yes??

Well, that’s all for today, I think.  Since hubby is home, we are going to tackle some home projects…mainly the continuing effort to organize the basement.  Ugh.

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