June 11, 2008

WIP Wednesday

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Just thought I would share what’s in the working pile on my sewing table.  In no particular order:

This is a baby blanket I’m crocheting for my neighbor, who was due today, but had her baby boy a couple of days ago.  She doesn’t know I’m making it, so that buys me a little time.  I’ll be working on it while watching So You Think You Can Dance tonight.  The pattern is the Tiramisu Baby Blanket, I found it here.  The pattern calls for single crochet, but I wasn’t paying attention and started doing half-double crochet.  I decided to just keep going, because I’m not the fastest crocheter and doing it in hdc will just get it done that much sooner.

Next up:

This is the fabric and a half-drafted pattern for a diaper bag.  My midwife has asked if I would make up a couple things, a bag and maybe a changing pad and some bibs, and she will display them in her rooms.  Why I am drafting a new pattern when there are tons of bag patterns out there???  I’m not sure, but I’m doing it anyway.  My next appointment is in about 3 weeks, so I’ve got some time to work on this.

This next pile belongs to a VERY patient friend of mine.

The top two piles are the cut out pieces for dresses…simple tank dresses with full gathered skirts.  The bottom is a circle skirt that needs a hem and a waistband.  I really feel bad that these have been sitting on my table for about a month, so I’m going to finish them THIS WEEKEND, I promise, Bekah. 🙂

Two customs in the works:

Left is going to be a Mix It Up Apron, I just need to cut it out and sew it up now that I’ve finalized the layout.  The right is the Aviary bag.  The customer and I are having a blast discussing the details (like I sent her an email about some ideas, but didn’t attach the pics that showed what I was talking about, duh!).  I think we are really close to finalizing those details and then I’ll get started.

A diversion:


Last, but not least, being the sucker for new bag patterns that I am, when I saw this Kwik Sew (3612) pattern on a blog (jenjerpeach) I ordered it within minutes.  It came today and I dropped everything to start the big tote bag (view B) with the AH Kleo on the outside, the yellow floral for the inner.  I’ve only spent about 20 minutes on it sew far and I’m halfway done, so I think it’s going to be a quick thing.  The bag is huge and will make a great tote for the park or beach or pool.  When I have time, I’m going to try the pattern in a smaller size, see how it turns out. 

Retro Femme stocks this week.  We are doing a wonderful surprise auction box.  It’s a box filled with goodies from most of the vendors.  The surprise is you don’t know what’s in there.  The only clues are the name “one size fits all” and a small, very close up pic on the listing. 

For my listings, I’ll be putting up the bag in the bottom pic, plus an apron…I haven’t picked exactly which one yet.

Well, that’s all for now.  Thanks for visiting!


May 30, 2008

Manly Aprons for Dad

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Yes, my second finished object post today!  woohoo!  First the circangle bag, now a couple of (hopefully) manly aprons for Retro Femme’s Father’s Day stocking tonight.

I tried to choose a print that could be worn by either a man or a woman.  Keeping that in mind, I stayed away from the sports themes and muscle cars.  I drafted my own pattern for this apron, based roughly on what would fit my 6’2″ hubby.  I’d hoped to have him model these for me, but I didn’t get them done before he went to work today.  So the backside of my dress form will have to do.


Pretty neat, eh?  I wouldn’t mind wearing one of these and my hubby…well, he didn’t express a definite opinion in the affirmative…but he didn’t say “no” either.

I hope to have one more thing to show before the end of the day, a custom coming & going bag using the Ginger Blossom line of fabrics.  It just needs a couple of things finished up before it’s picture ready.

Oh, I have some things on clearance tonight at Retro Femme:


See ya later!


April 7, 2008


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I’m still here!  I haven’t been sewing hardly at all for the last couple of weeks, but I did manage to crochet a lovely bag that I listed at RetroFemme last week:

As to the reason I’ve been under the weather and not sewing much, it’s nothing too surprising for us.  A pretty regular occurance around here.  We are expecting a new baby!, around the middle of November, if all goes as we hope and pray it will.  This makes baby number six for us and we are just as happy and excited as we were when our first was on the way.

Though I will say, I was a little more excited when I wasn’t suffering from round the clock “morning” sickness and then a bad cold on top of it! 

I do have sewing plans for this week.  A custom bag from the Joel Dewberry Sparrows line.  An apron from Katie Jump Rope.  A dress for my oldest daughter.   Listing a few more things at Etsy.  Hoping I can keep the saltine cracker crumbs off the fabric. 🙂

And a little giveaway on Thursday for my birthday.  Check back for more details tomorrow.



March 27, 2008

a quiet week

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I’m not feeling well this week so I’m not getting much sewing or crafting done.  I’m working on a couple of things for next week, including a crocheted handbag, but most of my energy is being taken up by keeping the house clean “enough” and the laundry caught up enough that everyone has clean underwear. 

I’ll be stocking at a new congo next week called Beautiful Enchantments.  Lots of darling stuff for moms and babies.  Some members will be stocking tomorrow, so come see what they have to offer:

March 19, 2008

Wednesday’s Etsy stuff & a sneak peek WIP

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It’s 11:35 PM, still Wednesday here.  It was a long day.  Thank the Lord its almost over.

Here are today’s Etsy listings:


And many many thanks to my dear friend who was kind enough to be my first Etsy buyer.  Still plenty for the rest of you. 🙂

I’m working on a couple of aprons for Friday’s Retro Femme stocking.  I saw this uber cute coffee cup fabric at the quilt shop and bought a small bit.  I just think these cups are so fun:

There are 8? different cups.  This chai tea latte is gracing a black twill square chef’s style apron.  It will have long skinny ties that can wrap all around to the front…the waistband & ties will be the same blue dots and the pocket border and the hem.

This cup is french vanilla latte, and I thought that bright yellow dots, a ruffle and a black waistband and ties would suit it perfectly.

The pictures aren’t great, it’s very dark in my sewing room at night, but hopefully they are good enough to show where I’m going. 

Another item I’m getting ready to list is a lovely afghan my mom crocheted.  I always thought she didn’t like to crochet…I was wrong, she simply prefers to knit, you see.  This afghan is 6 18″ square blocks with what my mom called a pinapple motif.  She used Red Heart yarn, which gets so nice and soft after a few washings, but is still sturdy and durable.  The blocks are cream and the border is dark chocolate brown.  I need to block it and get some good pictures of it before I can list it. 

Well, folks, that’s all for tonight.  It’s after midnight now, and we busy moms need every minute of sleep we can get, right?  Plus, the sooner I go to bed, the sooner morning will come and we will all find out who won the Katie Jump Rope Quilt!!  Please let it be me!!

February 28, 2008

Going to SewExpo in Two Days!!!

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I had a wretched headache yesterday.  The ibuprofen I took only brought the pain down to a level where I could be up and about.  Putting together two logical thoughts in a row was impossible.  I knew better than to try to sew or do anything that requires remembering what you’re doing.  So I did housework, laundry and watched a friend of our neighbor corner the swan and take him to his new home far away.  🙂  The swan was beautiful, but once he starting charging at my children, wings spread and trumpeting loudly…well, either the neighbor did something or animal control would. 

Later last night, I was feeling a bit better and tackled some simple sewing.  First up was curtains for my fabric stash.  My sewing room is a converted sun porch with windows on three sides, with the fourth open to the living room.   I like having the blinds open all the time, but of course I don’t want my fabric to fade.  So I made some very simple curtains from a bolt of $1/yd Walmart fabric I bought before I knew what good fabric was, lol!

This is just a teeny part of my stash, but it is the easiest to take a picture of.  These half height bookcases support my cutting table.

Next I made a new cover for my ironing board.  I just laid the board on the fabric, traced around it, adding a few inches so it would wrap all around the board and a couple of inches underneath (something my old cover didn’t do well).  I did a quick turned hem all around, leaving an opening for the string I reused from the old cover and it came out perfectly.  Now, if I can just keep this one from getting fusible gunk on it…..

 You can see it below, along with some of the tote bags and scrubbies I’m making for a swap.  The board fabric is Alexander Henry Picnic, my mostest favorite fabric (at least right now!).

Today and tomorrow I will be working on finishing up the swap items (must mail by Saturday) and continuing to work on my friend’s jumpers.

But on Saturday, it’s my day away!  I’ll be spending the day at “the nation’s largest sewing show!”, the Sewing & Stitchery Expo  in Puyallup, WA.  This is my third year going and it’s just so much fun!!  All kinds of new products to look at, classes to take and all the major sewing machine companies are there.  Which is part of my excitement this year, as I’m starting to shop for an embroidery machine.  It will be a while before I buy one, but the Expo is the perfect place to see all the different models on the same day at the same place!

I’m also going to try to list a few things on Etsy over the next couple of days…a few hairsticks and an apron and a couple of bags, so check my Etsy store to see what’s new there.

February 25, 2008


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We had a busy weekend that didn’t allow me much time to sew or do housework. 🙂  So I will be focusing on getting the house back to a livable state after we finish our homeschool time this morning.  I will post my weekly “to-sew” list either late tonight or tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you missed the post over at thekidneybean’s Whole Lot of Craft about these tawashi rosebud scrubbies, you missed a great way to use up scrappy yarn and get a useful item out of it!

I hooked up a few of these in just a couple of hours.  Sometimes a little project like this, quick and uncomplicated, is just what I need.

(I was playing with my camera settings this morning, can you tell??)

Have a great day and I’ll be back when my house is presentable!

February 18, 2008

Projects for the week of Feb 18th

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First off, it turns out that the large bird my husband had to chase out of our yard with a broom is a swan, not a goose.  Yes, I’m a transplanted city girl.

I want to share my “maybe, just maybe, I can get this all done” list for the week.

I am sewing jumper style dresses for a friend.  I’m almost done with the first one.  I just need to gather and attach the skirt, let it hang for a day, then hem it.  She has brought me fabric for 3 more and says that JoAnns pulled her in and she has bought more fabric.  These are pretty simple jumpers and are fairly quick to sew up.  I want to have at least 2 and hopefully 3 done to take to her on Friday when our 15 children get together to play (10 for her, only 5 for me).

Next up, Retro Femme stocks this week, on Friday.  But I want to have my items listed for preview on Thursday morning at the latest, so I’ll be working on these later today and tomorrow.

Top left:  a basic half apron, with towel loop and pocket.  The floral will be the body, the dots will be pocket, loop, ties, waistband and a border across the bottom.

Bottom left:  a zippered wristlet/pouch, maybe with a beaded pull for the zipper if I can find my beads.

Right side: a coming & going bag, my favorite bag pattern.  Hopefully the slim profile magnetic snaps I ordered will arrive in time, or I’ll have to use the huge ones from JoAnns.

And when I’m not sewing, I want to finish the blue crocheted string grocery bag that I posted about last week.

If I can get all that done (ha!) I want to do a tutorial/sew-along for the reversible toddler dress with the fabric on the left below

The fabric on the right is a lovely lovely lovely stretch twill which will become a skirt with a knit waistband for me.  🙂

After I finish those (ha! ha!), I have some grocery sacks/bags to make for a swap at (link —>) from these spring colored home decor weight fabrics that have been living in my stash for quite some time.

I probably won’t get to these until at least the weekend, but I have this stack sitting at the end of my cutting table, just so I won’t forget.

 Time to get to work!! 

February 14, 2008

Tonight’s Work in Progress

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It’s actually after midnight, so I should be saying “last night’s work”, but here it is regardless.

These items are all destined for Weeping Willows, one of the hyenacart congos I belong to.  We stock each Friday afternoon, but I only stock every-other Friday, because my other congo stocks on the other every-other Friday.  This week is WW.  I have four items planned.  I would like to have them all finished tomorrow, or rather later today, but that may be pushing it.   I do have a few other things to occupy my time.  Have I mentioned I have five children under 9 and I homeschool them?

First up and closest to being done is this Amy Butler Frenchy Bag with tweaks.  I changed a few things, the most obvious being flaring out the top panel and making the straps longer.  I like purses to hang from my shoulder, I need my hands for other things.  On the inside, I’ve made the dividers into pockets. 


Hmm, you can’t see the fabric on the outside of the bag.  Well, it involves circles and the colors brown and pink.  There’s a glimpse of it in the handles.  Stop by tomorrow and I’ll post a picture when it’s done.

Next is the beginnings of another grocery string-net bag, this one in a pretty blue cotton yarn.  I’m planning to make this one a wee bit bigger than the other one I showed.  I’m almost done with the increases and ready to start climbing the sides.

It might look a little small, but this stretches alot. 

Last, and farthest from being done and in fact so far from being done it’s not even cut out yet, is an apron and pot grabber set from this wonderful strutting chicken fabric.  I have this in blue, and now yellow.  It comes in green, too, which I’m sure will soon take up residence in my fabric stash.

Time for bed, so that I can get up in 6 hours and start a new day!

February 12, 2008

My other craft…crochet

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My mom and I are a true pair of opposites, which made my teen years very hard for both of us.  This opposite-ness extends to yarn.  My mom can knit with her eyes closed.  She makes lovely cable knit blankets for my children…huge big blankets that keep them warm each night.  Sweaters, hats, mittens…if it can be knitted, she can do it.  But when it comes to crochet, she throws up her talented hands and says “oh, no, all those loops, I just can’t keep track”.

I can’t knit.  I can’t do calculus either.  I took calc twice in college, flunked the first time, passed by about 2 points the next time.  Must be the same part of the brain for calculus and knitting.  On the other hand, I love to crochet.  The rhythm of it, the many different stitches and designs, the quickness of it. 

Here are some things I made for Christmas gifts (and to sell…some are still at my Etsy store 🙂 ):

Sets of crocheted bowls with ribbon accents…great for holding paper clips or candy

A scarf with a fun design on the ends:

For a Retro Femme stocking, I made this little bag.  It’s so cute and lined and has a simple vintage button closure.  Nobody bought it 😦 .  I’ll be listing it at Etsy.

And my latest fun crochet thing:  net grocery bags.  These are so fun to make and so useful!  This one is currenty listed at Retro Femme, and I’ve started another one in blue.

As always, thanks for looking! 

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