July 22, 2008

Mail Call!

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It’s easy (for me!) to lose track of what I’ve ordered.  Until it all shows up.  On one day.  Especially when that day is the same day I hit the big Joann’s sale.  Many yards of fabric joined my stash today.

First, the personal stuff:

For me, the green knit and the green circles (fat quarters).  For my oldest and next oldest daughters, twirl skirts shall emerge from the teal batik-y and the pink floral fabric at the top.  The three bottom middle prints (stars, cars & sharks) are destined to be shorts for my two boys and lastly, the very cute onesie I won from DaisyEyes and just by chance, some turtle fabric I bought from a fellow sewingmama.  Everything but the turtles came from Joann’s and was on sale, except the fat quarters.

Then, the actual mail and “business” fabrics (though that’s not a hard and fast rule):

Across the top, several “green” fabrics I couldn’t resist while buying the rest.  Top right are four prints from Robert Kaufman’s Iota Lagoon line.  All across the bottom are prints from Erin McMorris’ Park Slope collection.   Can you tell that I like green and blue?

So it’s off to the washer for all of these!

I’m currently working on a quilt top using the disappearing nine-patch block.  I didn’t plan to do this, but the urge came over me the other night and was irresistable.  Plus I had broken one of the needles on my serger and for some reason, didn’t have any more (thus the trip to Joann’s).  So I had to sew something that didn’t need a serger.  Now I have needles, so watch for skirts, shorts and maybe even a quilt top soon!

June 24, 2008

Big Ol’ Catch-up Post

Of the several languages I studied, Latin was not one of them. But when I think about all the things that keep me away from my sewing room, I call them craftus interruptum. Almost definitely not accurate Latin, but a very precise picture of what happens sometimes in my life.

Then there is blogus interruptum. Things that keep me from blogging. Usually the same things that keep me from sewing.

All that to say…this is gonna be one of those great big catch-up posts, so get comfy and grab whatever you drink and here we go!

Jo-Ann’s had a big sale this past weekend and the weekend before. I was able to use several of the 50% off coupons floating around plus grabbed some stuff that was on sale. Here is some of my haul:


Some fun quilting cottons across the top and more muslin and interfacing on the far right. Several cuts of snuggle flannel to make a gift for my neighbor’s new baby (since the crocheted blanket is going so very slowly). A pattern for maternity tops and thread, a tube turner and some fat quarters that caught my eye.

What’s not in this picture is the new 6×24 cutting ruler I had to buy three days ago when mine jumped off my cutting table, hit the leg of my rolling stool and broke into 3 pieces. Thankfully, I had one more 50% coupon.

Before all that shopping, I did finish some sewing. First up, the custom Mix It Up Apron using MM Ginger Blossom:

Very pretty, eh? I really love how these fabrics look together. I’m planning to make a couple more of these for my stores after my break (more on that in a bit).

Next up, I finished the skirt and dresses for my patient friend Bekah.

Strawberry circle skirt. Being the picky sewist that I am, I wanted the strawberries to be upright all around the skirt. Plus the fabric was not quite wide enough for a full circle skirt. So, I cut four panels instead and sewed them together, making a circle. I think it looks great and it has lots of twirl potential.

Two dresses from the same pattern. The left is AH Apples & Pears with MM Dumb Dots in pink for accents. The right is AH Kleo floral and bangle dots in sage. Very cute dresses, both fully lined and the hems are double sided…I don’t know the technical sewing term for it…but it gives the skirt a little extra weight and a nice clean look…no worry about the hem flipping up.

So, for this week, I’m working on the custom Aviary bag (we hammered out the details last week) and hopefully an apron or two for tomorrow night’s stocking at Beautiful Enchantments. We’ve had our store redesigned with lovely new colors and moved our stocking time to 9:30 pm EST on Wednesdays.
Please come check us out!

This will be my last stocking for a month. I’m taking the month of July off from business and custom sewing, to focus on family sewing and to spend time with my blessings, work in my garden and enjoy our summer weather. I’ll be stocking again in early August. But I will be posting here during the month! Showing off the lovely creations my children have been begging for. Maybe even a pic or two of the bounty of our garden. 🙂 And if the littlest one is cooperative, we’ll soon be able to share if our newest blessing will be a boy or a girl. 🙂 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the big ol’ catch-up post!

May 16, 2008

The apron that needs a name

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I put together another of my fun, retro, strip pieced half aprons today.  The main floral print is Alexander Henry Birch Blossom and I found some great coordinates in the quilting section of Joann’s.  I just love how bright and springy this apron looks.  It’s listed at RetroFemme tonight.

I made a similar apron last month from my mostest favorite collection (at least just now) of fabric:  Katie Jump Rope.  In case you didn’t see that post, here it is:

Now, I need a catchy name for this apron. Something with two words, the blank blank apron. Something fun but not cutesy (cuz’ I’m not cutesy, lol). I’m thinking of someday selling this pattern, so I need a name that is catchy and fun and retro and memorable. Any ideas?

I put up a custom slot for this apron at RF, too, with Michael Miller Ginger Blossom as a choice.  And two more slots for Semi-Custom Coming & Going Bags.  I may be very busy soon (I hope!).

Thanks for looking and thanks for any name ideas!

May 1, 2008

Hard work brings reward

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I was feeling a bit better today and so ensued a battle:  should I sew or clean? I have a RetroFemme stocking tomorrow and plenty of local sewing to do.  But my house…just imagine the mess five young children can make in a small house in just a couple hours.  And it had been a couple days since we’d picked up or vacuumed and even longer since all the dishes have been done at once.  So the older children and I worked for a couple hours and things look much better.  Still a few dishes waiting and I’m going to wait til after lunch to vac the dining room, but at least I won’t be embarassed with the electrician comes tomorrow to fix our dining room light.

Now, though, all my energy is gone.  Too bad, because my hard work was rewarded by fluffy mail!  Some long awaited fabrics arrived today!

Several prints from Michael Miller’s Ginger Blossom line acros the top, four more prints from my current favorite fabric line, Katie Jump Rope, across the bottom and a random piece of white dots on green hiding in the left corner.   I’m going to dredge up the energy to get these into the washer, because I’ve got big plans for them!! 


March 3, 2008

a late winter Monday

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Going to the SewingExpo always tells me spring is on the way, and on Saturday, it sure looked like it.  The weather was sunny and bright, but the wind was there to say, Oh, no, it’s still winter here.  And today, the weather is reinforcing that message, as our typical winter weather of heavy overcast skies and drizzly rain is back.

I did have lots of fun at Expo on Saturday.  I took 4 classes, two in the morning, two in the afternoon.  One class on scalloped hems and the other three were about handbags.  The hems class was interesting, but basically a pitch for a neat, but pricey, tool the presenter sells.  I’m going to try to figure out a way to do the same thing without her tool.  The three bag classes could easily have been combined into one.  I got a little bit of info or a new idea from each one, but they were really just a chance to sit down for awhile.

I did buy a few things.  Big picture so you can see everything, including my after-Expo Girl Scout cookies & tea snack.

I think my favorites are the trims down in the bottom right hand corner.  I like using woven ribbons and trims on my sewing, but can’t always find what I want at my local fabric store.  I found *plenty* to like at a wonderful booth (Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods – no web site) at Expo and restrained myself to get only what you see.  I will definitely be allocating a bigger part of my Expo budget for them next year.

But I also have another wonderful thing to save for.  I found “my” embroidery machine: the Babylock Ellure.  This is a lovely combination sewing and embroidery machine.   I heard a rumor it is being either discontinued or upgraded, so I’m going to visit my local Babylock dealer and start looking for a good deal. 

Yesterday, I did a little personal sewing.  It was sunny enough to hang clothes on the outdoor clotheslines.  Which reminded me that I wanted to make a clothespin apron, like I’ve seen in The Apron Book.  Mine is wider than the one in the book, which makes sense since I’m wider, too.  Plus it will hold more clothespins.  And I used some of the ribbon I bought at Expo.  I think the ribbon adds that perfect detail, don’t you??


Instead of ties, I used a piece of webbing and a D-ring and some velcro to make a belt-like band.  I think it will be much easier to put it on with this belt style, especially when it’s full of pins.  Here it is on me, picture taken by my 8 year old, not the best angle.

I like the bright spring colors, which will be brightening my basement today as I hang clothes. 

 One last thing:  I got my ravely invite!  The same day I posted about it, lol!  My name there is ladyblueflower and I am, of course, completely overwhelmed.  In honor of getting my invite, I did sit down last night and try knitting again.  It wasn’t a complete failure, but pretty ugly looking.  I’ll post some pictures as soon as I have a “getting better” shot to go with the “messy beginner” shot.

Thanks for reading my Monday novel!

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