March 6, 2008


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The apron is done.  The AB bag has been shelved.  It just wasn’t coming together the way I saw it in my mind.  The brown corduroy top panel was too casual and the beads too small.  It needs something more dressy, more fancy.  A good excuse to head to my local bead and fabric stores, right?

So I decided to make some more hairsticks instead.  I really like how these turned out.  I hope someone else does, too!  I’d planned to list these at Etsy, but wanted to give them a tour of Retro Femme first.

Tomorrow we’ll be doing a big house-cleaning before my dad & his wife come on Saturday.  Sewing wise, I’ll be finishing up my friend’s jumpers.  I know she will be so happy to get them at church on Sunday.


February 28, 2008

Going to SewExpo in Two Days!!!

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I had a wretched headache yesterday.  The ibuprofen I took only brought the pain down to a level where I could be up and about.  Putting together two logical thoughts in a row was impossible.  I knew better than to try to sew or do anything that requires remembering what you’re doing.  So I did housework, laundry and watched a friend of our neighbor corner the swan and take him to his new home far away.  🙂  The swan was beautiful, but once he starting charging at my children, wings spread and trumpeting loudly…well, either the neighbor did something or animal control would. 

Later last night, I was feeling a bit better and tackled some simple sewing.  First up was curtains for my fabric stash.  My sewing room is a converted sun porch with windows on three sides, with the fourth open to the living room.   I like having the blinds open all the time, but of course I don’t want my fabric to fade.  So I made some very simple curtains from a bolt of $1/yd Walmart fabric I bought before I knew what good fabric was, lol!

This is just a teeny part of my stash, but it is the easiest to take a picture of.  These half height bookcases support my cutting table.

Next I made a new cover for my ironing board.  I just laid the board on the fabric, traced around it, adding a few inches so it would wrap all around the board and a couple of inches underneath (something my old cover didn’t do well).  I did a quick turned hem all around, leaving an opening for the string I reused from the old cover and it came out perfectly.  Now, if I can just keep this one from getting fusible gunk on it…..

 You can see it below, along with some of the tote bags and scrubbies I’m making for a swap.  The board fabric is Alexander Henry Picnic, my mostest favorite fabric (at least right now!).

Today and tomorrow I will be working on finishing up the swap items (must mail by Saturday) and continuing to work on my friend’s jumpers.

But on Saturday, it’s my day away!  I’ll be spending the day at “the nation’s largest sewing show!”, the Sewing & Stitchery Expo  in Puyallup, WA.  This is my third year going and it’s just so much fun!!  All kinds of new products to look at, classes to take and all the major sewing machine companies are there.  Which is part of my excitement this year, as I’m starting to shop for an embroidery machine.  It will be a while before I buy one, but the Expo is the perfect place to see all the different models on the same day at the same place!

I’m also going to try to list a few things on Etsy over the next couple of days…a few hairsticks and an apron and a couple of bags, so check my Etsy store to see what’s new there.

February 26, 2008

a pretty everyday hairstick?

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I have really long hair…it is around hip length, and since I’m nearly six feet tall, that’s a lot of hair.  I wear my hair up during the day and I prefer to use a hairstick to anchor my twist or bun.  I can almost always get the entire length wrapped up and secured with a single hairstick in about ten seconds.  I don’t wear much jewerly, so I think of my hairsticks the way some women think about earrings.   I want them to compliment my clothing and general style.

The problem is most hairsticks are either very plain or very fancy.  Nothing wrong with that!  It’s just that most days I want something in the middle:  pretty, elegant, simple, classy.  So I made some and I’m thinking of listing them in my Etsy store.

What do you think????? Please leave a comment. 🙂

(still playing with my camera and light box, seeing what I can do)

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