March 11, 2008

Knitting & a new project

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A busy weekend is behind me and Monday passed in a blur of homeschooling and housework.  It’s early (very very early) Tuesday morning and I’ve been watching Pride & Prejudice and trying to knit.

The first bit was so bad (I managed to add 8 stitches in just about 20 rows, and I have no clue how), I frogged it and started over.  I paid more attention and did much better:

But there are still little funny holes here and there, the bottom corner is wonky, I’ve added a stitch somewhere and the edges are all wavy and odd looking.  Plus the yarn coming off the ball is getting really twisty and curling round itself.

Obviously, much practice is still required.   And I won’t embarrass myself by telling just how many hours it took to do just this little bit.

I am planning a new bag for this Friday at Weeping Willows.  It’s based on this bag from a new book: Sew Many Bags, Sew Little Time.

I really like the patchwork idea, with the ribbons and trims and applique and hand stitching.  I don’t like the shape.  I think I’m going to try it with the Coming & Going bag pattern…but I haven’t decided for sure.  These are the fabrics and trims I’m going to use:


I really like the Birch Blossom from Alexander Henry and this cute coordinates I found at Joann’s.  The dots are from Michael Miller, a find at the Sewing Expo, and they will be the lining.

The wind has picked up here and I need to get to bed.  I have a couple other projects in mind, I’ll try to post about them tomorrow.

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